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Battle of uThukela (Tugela) Heights

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Battle of Thukela Heights, Colenso/Ladysmith Area, KwaZulu-Natal

717 | 12-28 February 1900 In a massive combined operation General Buller's troops fought numerous battles on the south bank of Read More →

Helpmekaar Battlesite

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Helpmekaar Cemetery, Helpmekaar, KwaZulu-Natal

718 | 13 May 1900 British forces broke through the Boer line in Biggarsberg Resulting in the British recapturing Dundee. The Read More →

Botha’s Pass Battlefield

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Botha's Pass Battlefield, Newcastle Area. KwaZulu-Natal

719 | 8 June 1900 On 8 June 1900 Gen Buller advanced some 22 000 men and 26 guns against General Read More →

Alleman’s Nek Battlefield

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Alleman's Nek Battlefield, Volksrust Area, Mpumalanga

720 | This was the battle where the British forces under Gen. Buller finally broke through the Boer forces and Read More →

Scheepersnek Battlefield

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Scheepersnek Battlefield, Vryheid Area, KwaZulu-Natal

721 | 20 May 1900 75 Swaziland Police and Vryheid burghers were stationed here. During a church service a Squadron of Read More →
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Lancaster Hill

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Lancaster Hill, Vryheid, KwaZulu-Natal

722 | 11-12 December 1900 The hill overlooking Vryheid was occupied by 900 men of the Lancaster Regt who fortified the Read More →

Capt.Pokrowski Memorial and Wall of Remembrance

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Capt.Pokrowski Memorial and Wall of Remembrance, Utrecht, KwaZulu-Natal

723 | 25 December 1900 25 December 1900. Memorial to Polish officer in the Russian army, who died fighting in a Read More →

Blood River Poort Battlefield

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Blood River Poort Battlefield, Vryheid/Utrecht Area, KwaZulu-Natal

724 | 17 September 1901 Battle fought during Gen Louis Botha's second invasion of Natal. A British Squadron attacked a scouting Read More →

Mount Itala Battlefield

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Mount Itala Battlefield, Babanango/Nkandla Area , KwaZulu-Natal

725 | 25-26 September 1901 The British position consisted of sangars on the summit of the hill manned by about 80 Read More →

Fort Prospect

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Fort Prospect, Babanango Area, KwaZulu-Natal

726 | 26 September 1901 This outpost was manned by 82 British Soldiers but were forewarned of the pending Boer attack Read More →

Holkrans Battlefield

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Holkrans Battlefield, Vryheid Area, KwaZulu-Natal

727 | 6 May 1902 Louis Botha's Commandos desperate for food began raiding local Zulus' cattle and crops. The abaQulusi community Read More →

British Soldiers Memorial

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British Soldiers Memorial, Volksrust, Mpumalanga

728 | The Cross shaped Memorial in honour of British Soldiers who died during battles around Volksrust, and Amersfoort areas Read More →

Concentration Camp Memorial

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Joubert Road, Volksrust, Mpumalanga

729 | In the Volksrust town square adjacent to the municipal buildings is a Memorial Statue and wall of Remembrance Read More →

Birthplace of General Louis Botha

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Birthplace of General Louis Botha, Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal

730 | Born 1862 The eighth of 13 children, Botha was to become the Acting Commandant-General of the ZAR forces, distinguishing Read More →

Ambush Rock

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Ambush Rock, Mpanza, Greytown, KwaZulu Natal

801 | 4 April 1906 A Police column sent to investigate reports that Chief Bhambatha kaMancinza Zondi (whose community had refused Read More →

Bhambatha 1906 Police Memorial

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Greytown, KwaZulu Natal

802 | 4 - 5 April 1906 The four Natal Policemen who were killed at Ambush Rock were buried here. There Read More →

Mome Gorge

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Mome Gorge, Nkandla Area, KwaZulu Natal

803 | 10 June 1906 Scene of the battle that broke the back of Rebellion. 575 rebels and 3 colonial soldiers Read More →