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Ladysmith Tourism Information Office

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151 Murchison Street, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

00L | LADYSMITH/EMNAMBITHI TOURISM INFORMATION OFFICE The foyer of the Siege Museum houses the Tourism Information Office where brochures and information Read More →


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Mbulwana, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

01L | "Umbulwana (Bulwana) is a very high hill feature to the South East of Ladysmith. General Piet Joubert established Read More →

Ladysmith ABW Cemetery

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Ladysmith ABW Cemetery, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

02L | "As you enter the cemetery on your right hand side you will find signs marking the way to Read More →

Kings’ Post

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Kings’ Post, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

03L | "Opposite the entrance to the Ladysmith Military base. King's Post was one of the positions on the outer Read More →

All Saints Anglican Church

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61 Murchison Street, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

04L | "The original church was built in 1882 with cut flagstone quarried from the town lands. Referred to as Read More →

The Old Toll House

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The Old Toll House, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

05L | "Built during the late 1800s, it shows the stone construction method used by the first settlers in Ladysmith. Read More →

Dutch Reform Church

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103 Murchison Street, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

06L | Founded in 1854. The second oldest congregation in Kwazulu-Natal.

Devonshire Post

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Devonshire Post, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

07L |

Col Dick Cunyngham VC Monument

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Dick Cunyngham VC Monument, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

08L | "Here he was struck in the side by a bullet which, fired from the far side of the Read More →

Intombi ABW Cemetery

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Intombi ABW Cemetery, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

09L | "Intombi Cemetery was the last resting place of around 700 British Soldiers. Sewn in blankets these men were Read More →

Tunnel Hill Liverpool Regt Monument

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Tunnel Hill Liverpool Regt Monument, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

10L |

Rifleman’s Post

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Rifleman’s Post, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

11L | "The 2nd Battalion Kings Royal Rifles began building Rifleman’s Post on 1st November 1899. Sited on the Read More →

Soofi Mosque

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Soofi Mosque, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

12L | "The first Muslim traders came to Ladysmith in 1885. Showing honesty and courtesy as businessmen they were firm Read More →

Rifle Brigade Monument at Surprise Hill

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Rifle Brigade Monument at Surprise Hill, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

13L | "On the night of 10/11 December 1899 Digby-Jones RE VC blew up a Boer 4.7 inch Howitzer during Read More →

Blockhouse Museum

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Blockhouse Museum, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

14L | "Based on a blockhouse at Bergville, the only one remaining in KwaZulu-Natal. The McMaster’s replica contains a remarkable Read More →

Ladysmith Town Hall

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151 Murchison Street, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

16L | "In 1891 the Ladysmith Town Council requested proposals for a new town hall. The selected design by Robert Read More →

Convent Hill

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1 Convent Road, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

17L | LOOKOUT POINT FROM CONVENT HILL Convent Hill now La Verna Hospital. This position in the hospital car park offers Read More →


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Clydesdale, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

18L |

Cove Redoubt

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Cove Redoubt, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

19L | A fairly concealed position some way back along the flat crest of a hill 500 ft high, from Read More →

Gordons’ Hill

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Gordons’ Hill, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

20L | This was the main Naval position: "A piece of high ground in the centre of the Northern line Read More →

Fly Kraal

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Fly Kraal, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

21L | "At the Commissariat Godown, an Indian "Coolie" armed with a large umbrella constituted himself the special watcher for Read More →

Hans Dons

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Hans Dons, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

22L | Johannes Hendrick De Lange was a well-known figure in Natal, having been an early Voortrekker scout into Natal Read More →

Naval Gun Shield

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Naval Gun Shield, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

23L | Lt Egerton was the first person to die in the Siege of Ladysmith. He was mortally wounded on Read More →

Red Hill Royal Irish Fusiliers

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Red Hill Royal Irish Fusiliers, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

24L | Erected in memory of the men of the Battalion who died during the Siege of Ladysmith.

Observation Hill Leicestershire Regt Monument

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Observation Hill Leicestershire Regt Monument, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

25L | "A long ridge where the rifle fire hardly ever ceased. Held by 3 Companies of the Kings Royal Read More →


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Taunton, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

26L | Major Charles Edmund Taunton, Natal Carabiniers, was killed in action on Nov. 3rd, 1899, in a reconnaissance from Read More →

Van Riebeek Park Cemetery

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Van Riebeek Park Cemetery, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

27L | "A fenced Cemetery with three graves each with steel crosses. Two soldiers Pte's Dowsett and Andrews of the Read More →


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Gandhi, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

28L | STATUE OF GANDHI AT THE THIRUKOOTAM AND SHREE GANASER TEMPLE This is the oldest temple in Ladysmith. The Read More →

The Royal Hotel

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140 Murchison Street, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

29L | "The Royal", built circa 1878 before the Anglo-Zulu War, and a request for a liquor licence was made Read More →

Old Fort

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1 Kerk Ln, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

30L | "A section of the old walls can be seen where it has been incorporated into the current South Read More →


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Tchrengula, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

31L | At daybreak on Monday 30th October 1899 Col. Carelton's column, supposedly on their way to Nicholson's Nek, found Read More →


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Roosboom, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

32L | This Cemetery was used by the Boers during the Siege of Ladysmith. 15 Burghers of the Harrismith Commando Read More →


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Rietfontein, Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal

33L | RIETFONTEIN MONDAY 23RD OCTOBER 1899 Gen White aware that Gen. Yule and his army were in full retreat from Read More →

Ladysmith Siege Museum

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151 Murchison Street, Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal

703 | Acclaimed as one of the best Anglo Boer War museums in South Africa, its displays on the famous Read More →


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Platrand, Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal

705 | "The Platrand is a long hill on the south side of the town. It was a critical Read More →