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21 October 1899

The Boers occupied the railway Station on the 20th October and early the following morning a British mounted patrol with artillery shelled them. The Boers withdrew, took up a position on high ground overlooking the railway line and their guns forced the British to withdraw. Reinforcements were despatched from Ladysmith and the British subsequently executed a classic conventional attack that resulted in a staggering defeat of Gen. Jan Kock’s Boer force.

On the R602 near junction with N11 between Ladysmith and Newcastle. There is no on site information and the use of a Guide is recommended to enhance the experience of the site.

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  • My name is Robert Buntine. I live in Avenel, Victoria, Australia.
    I have a photo album of Boer War images, some of which also appear in Donald McDonald’s book “How we kept the flag flying”. I would like to send to an interested person one of these images. The handwritten note under the image appears to read:
    “Ladysmith from E……….. from Convent Hill”
    It is the missing word/place name I seek. Maybe Elandslaagte, but that is my guess from studying the area. My great uncle was Robert Andrew Buntine who was a medico with the Brits. To whom should I send the image for a local man’s confirmation?

  • Good day Robert

    If the offer still stands, yes please I am very interested to see if we can get a confirmation of the area. I am of the opinion that your photos would be of huge interest to the South African Heritage foundation.

    I look forward to hearing from you, kind regards Kim Clement

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