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Ron Gold is based at the foot of Spioenkop and is a military history specialist. He has been taking personally hosted and group tours to all the battlefield sites in KwaZulu-Natal –Anglo Zulu War, Transvaal War of Independence, South African War, Voortrekker-Zulu for over 20 years. He is accomplished story teller and does lectures and talks as far afield as the USA.

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  • I am interested in a 3 Day tour of the battlefields in Kwa-Zulu Natal. I will be visiting SA in April, 2018. Are 3 Days adequate for a reasonably good tour, and what is the Cost?

  • What would the cost be for a one day Anglo – Boer war tour for 3 people? What itinerary would you suggest , starting from Howick early in the morning.

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