The Provincial Tourist Guides Association of KwaZulu Natal

Battlefields Region

The Battlefields Region prides itself in having some of the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful Guides in the country. Our Guide members are all accredited and registered. Their knowledge has been tested and accepted by their peers. This knowledge is kept up to date by a continuous interchange of opinions and information, together with regular “educationals” where groups of guides get together on various sites to discuss and exchange views and opinions on them. The Association has a strict code of conduct by which all its members abide. Visiting the Battlefields Region is a great experience made so much better when in the company of a Guide who can inform you in an interesting way of all you want to see, whether it is Battlefields, Wildlife, Birding, Zulu Culture, History in General, Rock paintings, Museums, Agriculture and Flora. Our list of Guides is broken down into areas of expertise and location to make it easier for you to connect with them.


Very few battlefield sites have any form of interpretative information and the use of a guide is recommended.


In South Africa it is illegal to conduct a guided tour unless accredited and registered as a guide with the South African Tourism Authorities. Any client may ask to see a guide’s registration card at any time.


  • For the guide R1000 FINE
  • For the person hiring the guide R10 000 FINE