The following guides specialise in Zulu Culture

Duval, Pierre

Pierre Duval

  • Anglo Zulu War Battles, Second Anglo Boer War

Pierre Duval has an unbelievable love for South Africa. Since a child he has grabbed every opportunity to explore the countryside. While specializing in nature, Pierre has an excellent knowledge of the country’s historical and cultural side. He is one of the few tour guides that are accredited on a national level, allowing him to tour the whole country. He has been guiding full time since 1998, and is the owner of BushBaby Safaris.


Tel:+27(0)34 212 3216 / +27(0)82 466 8350


Masuku, Bornwell

Bornwell Masuku

  • Talana Battle

Bornwell Masuku is the collections manager and education officer at Talana Museum. He has shown considerable interest in the museum collections and in explaining them, particularly to school groups.

He has a deep interest in Zulu cultural history, the battlefields and coal mining.


Tel: 073 385 7382


Pat Rundgren

  • Voortrekker, Zulu History and Culture, Anglo Zulu War, First and Second Anglo Boer War

Pat Rundgren has operated for many years as a registered military specialist guide in the Dundee area. Formerly in the Rhodesian Security Services, Pat is a collector of militaria and has just completed his second book. He regularly contributes articles to overseas military history and collectors magazines. He organises adventure tours, hikes, white water rafting, Zulu cultural and battlefields tours.


Tel:+27(0)34 212 4560 / +27(072) 803 2885