For maximum pleasure and understanding visiting the Battlefields should not be done in an haphazard manner, but rather one should choose an era, war or campaign and then select the sites you want to visit.

To assist you in this respect we have divided the route into the various eras and wars and listed the sites accordingly.

Whether you choose to use the services of a specialist guide, and for maximum enjoyment we always advise you to do so, or whether you are guiding yourself, it is always advisable to read up a little on the sites and war before making your visit. For this reason you will find reference to various books and authors that are specialists in their field.

We also recommend that you have a good road map in your vehicle at all times.

The contents of this site are not intended as a source of historical reference but merely to provide the visitor to the region with some background knowledge of the events that took place and what they can expect to find on the site.

Lang’s Nek

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  • Would like to go on one of the tours to the battlefields of KZN. Rates, Accommodation, transport to and from (if available) to the sites as I have standard vehicle.

    • Hello Tanya
      Have you found someone to take you to the Battlefields ? I have just seen your request. Where are you based ?
      I am a registered tour guide operating out of Durban with my own 4×4 vehicle.

      • Hi Christina
        A my ” waited a lifetime” trip to South Africa progresses in its planning, I see your message on this site and wonder if we might agree something together.
        My plan is to visit the Zulu battlefields for (unfortunately) a single day – other commitments squeezing time – during the second half of our visit to SA when we will be based in Durban. Per force I realise this restricts what may be possible and that whatever it will be a long day! Initial thoughts draw me to Rorkes Drift and Isandlwana but would be interested in any other suggestions you may have especially giving a specific piece of family history.
        My great Grandfather was part of the small force, under Marter, that captured Cetaewayo. He was detailed as part of the small group ( six, we believe) to oversee the King on the march out of the bush. For this role he received a medal which was added to by the King himself with one of the “lead” medallions used to show appreciation by Cetaewayo.
        To both mine and my father horror these parts of family history were apparently sold by my grandfather in the Depression years in this Country of the 1920s. You can imagine, the story is important family history to me and all my life I have looked for signs of those medals.
        Would be interested in hiring your services, possibly on 18th March 2020 for some kind of battlefields visit.

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