Dundee Hindu Temple
Dundee Hindu Temple, Browning Street, Dundee

It was in these grounds in 1913 that the Mohandas Gandhi spoke to over 3000 people which led to the … Read More

MOTH Memorial Glencoe
MOTH Memorial, Biggar Street, Glencoe

Erected by the Biggarsberg Shellhole to commemorate the involvement of miners and their wives from Burnside mine in the war … Read More

Paynes’ Farm Glencoe
Paynes Farm, Grove Ave, Glencoe

Paynes’ farm in Glencoe was built in 1898 and used as the Russian hospital for Boer forces 1899-1900.

Dundee Dutch Reform Church
Dutch Reform Church, 24 Beaconsfield Street, Dundee

Anton von Wouw memorial tablet can be found at the Dutch reformed Moederkerk to commemorate the Boers who died at … Read More

Betania Church
Betania Church, Mckenzie Street, Dundee

The church was used as a hospital during and after the battle of Talana. Soldiers who died were buried at … Read More

Boswells, Corner Gladstone and Beaconsfield Street, Dundee

Boswells is the oldest pre Boer war theatre in KZN. The Treason Trials of 1901 were held in this building.

Cottage Hospital
Cottage Hospital, Mckenzie Street, Dundee

The Cottage Hospital is the original hospital in Dundee and was used during and after the battle of Talana. It … Read More

The Dundee Diehards
Dundee, KwaZulu Natal

RE-ENACTMENT GROUP The Dundee Diehards re-enactment team is a volunteer, non-profit organisation that was formed in 1999, originally to re-enact … Read More

Holy Rosary Convent Buildings
Holy Rosary Convent Buildings, Victoria Street, Dundee

The Holy Rosary Convent Buildings is today part of the Pro Nobis school complex for physically and mentally challenged children … Read More

Dundee Tourism
Endumeni Tourism Information Office, Civic Gardens, Victoria Street, Dundee

Contact Endumeni Tourism for any additional information about Dundee and Glencoe.